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A luminary of British and Russian law, Robert Brown has been instructed on the successful defences of both a former Soviet general tried for espionage and high treason after revealing the details of a rotting fleet of nuclear submarines and a celebrity chef with alleged traffic violations (a scandal he snuffed out in ‘three or four’ minutes).

He has also represented Charles Saatchi, Vicky Pryce and Ronnie Wood, not to mention many more spared from front-page headlines: CEOs, politicians, judges, supermodels and UHNW Russians among them. He is described by one Lord Justice of Appeal as ‘a Rolls-Royce solicitor, providing a Rolls-Royce service’.

The president of British Academy of Forensic Science, he has recently acted for thefashion boss Richard Glanville, accused of murdering a home intruder.

What does he think of the CPS’s new guidelines on self-defence, affording victims more ‘leeway’ in defending their homes?

‘I think it’s better that it was widened,’ he says. ‘Generally speaking people will only react in a really aggressive way if they are frightened. I think it’s quite difficult to defend the rights of burglars, who shouldn’t be there in the first place.’