Company Size

Freshly-merged Stonehage Fleming, with its offices in Switzerland, South Africa and Sydney, can reasonably emphasise its credentials as ‘the international family office’, as Nolan puts it. Whether it’s global reporting, far-flung business or lifestyle assets or broad financial management, Stonehage Fleming offers ‘a structure to manage their overall wealth’. The focus is ‘protecting their wealth for the next generation, in whatever shape or form that is’, which often involves co-ordinating family advisers under a Stonehage Fleming key adviser. The firm has an eye on issues more likely to diminish wealth than poor investment performance, says Nolan, who has been with the Stonehage side of the business for eighteen years: ‘These are the break up of the family, lack of attention to the business, over-gearing, ineffective succession, and timing exits.’

Stonehage Fleming won the Next Generation Award at the Spear’s Wealth Management Awards 2015

Andrew Nolan