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No-comment strategies no longer work, says Scott. ‘There’s always that sensation that if you slam the door [the issue] goes away, but experience suggests that never quite works.’ Instead, the Schillings partner likes to focus on potential risks while also tackling underlying issues. Work keeps him busy, and one week last year saw him deal with two PLCs, a hydrocarbons firm, hedge funds with different personal disputes, and a private business caught in some HNW crossfire.

The former journalist’s client base is primarily comprised of HNW individuals and senior executives. Current work includes leading an international team of law firms acting to resolve complex political and legal issues relating to alleged state corruption while previously he’s had to help clients manage litigation, dirty-tricks campaigns, union disputes, internal and regulatory investigations, and data protection concerns.

Schillings’ expansion into data protection has epitomised its broader evolution from wolf-like litigators to reputational Hydra. Scott has been instrumental in this, establishing the firm’s intelligence department and overseeing the acquisition of a cyber security business.

One client confided: ‘If you don’t want to unexpectedly find yourself in the media spotlight, Chris is the person to turn to. He is the definitive expert when it comes to putting in place reputation strategies to help businesses and individuals better protect themselves.’ He’s been recognised across the industry and has previous spoken at a House of Lords Home Affairs Select Committee on the right to be forgotten. In his free time the French, German and Spanish speaker advises a children’s charity on the impact of social media on privacy.