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The former bomb disposal officer and UN weapons inspector in Iraq, now CEO and founder of Le Beck, believes the key to security is an education on the realities of threats and risks, and the illusion of control: ‘[Clients’] vulnerability isn’t always through them — it’s through the people around them,’ he says. The shock expressed by one UHNW over Tesar’s knowledge of an imminent family skiing holiday was huge. Tesar pointed out that his family had revealed all on social media — their accommodation, restaurants they would be visiting and even pistes they planned to ski.

An eminent adviser to financial institutions, oil giants and several ‘prominent’ Gulf families (a clientele with ‘acute needs, both at home and abroad’), Tesar founded Le Beck in August 2001, back when he says there wasn’t such a great call for specialist security and counter-terrorism advisory services. A month later, the 9/11 attacks on New York and Washington occurred, and Le Beck has been evolving and expanding and ever since — particularly to accommodate a fast-growing base of UHNW clients in the Middle East, a clientele with particularly acute concerns, whether at home or abroad in cities like London or Paris where targeted attacks on HNWs are on the rise — often by sophisticated criminal networks.

Tesar says that Le Beck attracts clients who prefer a specialist that ‘sits between’ individual security consultants and larger global companies, offering both capability and flexibility: ‘Our company strap-line sums this up nicely… ‘International experience. Local knowledge’, he says, adding that the most important trait for a good security specialist to have is ‘common sense that is complemented with the ability to think strategically’.

Clients are grateful for Tesar’s solutions, singling out his personability, but above all, his dedication to clients: ‘He ensures security fits our lifestyle, not the other way round,’ says one.

Tesar is also in the midst of enacting a five-year growth plan, in place around the time of celebrating his 50th birthday. ‘Putting the plan together and more importantly, implementing it, has been great fun and is providing the perfect balance between purpose and pleasure,’ he says. ‘Here’s to another 50!’

Anthony J. Tesar