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‘People don’t break into your home, they break into your life.’ Frank Morey is frighteningly succinct (and vice versa). As CEO and founder of Virtus, he left his previous job at a ‘well-established’ security firm to go it alone, filling ‘a gap within the private sphere’. The internet and technology have changed ‘an age-old approach to security’, which focused on alarms in properties and locks on objects, but paid little attention to contemporary issues like identity theft, cyber-security and privacy concerns from easily-accessible information. He needed a new strategy for security, hence Virtus, which works only for private clients and family offices: ‘I think that what needed to be done was that you could consult on each element at the highest level, use expertise to then validate if there’s any risk to this family or this individual and then start to tailor a bespoke solution.’ There’s no point throwing money at generic security problems. Clients can protect themselves by judicious distribution of electronic data — they need to ‘be sensitive’ about who they give their details to, even including their wealth managers: ‘Do you send personal or private information over email? Is it encrypted, is it not?’ There is no magic bullet, he emphasises, but a series of discrete measures. Close protection is part of Virtus’s offering too, mainly for HNWs who move to London from zones of conflict or peril, but Morey says it tends now to take the form of residential security rather than heavies treading every pace with the principal.

Frank Morey