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After twelve years working for some of the world’s top law firms, Gauberti founded Crefovi, the ‘one-stop shop’ law firm for individuals and companies working within the creative industries.

Crefovi specialise in everything from fashion and luxury to entertainment and, of course, art, representing artists, art foundations, galleries, collectors, and museums on legal problems, ranging from IP and tax to art finance and contentious issues that arise from the buying and selling of art work.

‘I saw that there was a niche in the legal market in terms of providing a focused advisory service to a focused range of industries, the creative industries,’ says the forthright Gauberti, who is trained in both English and French law.

‘The need stems from the problem that the art world is a very secretive and unregulated market to a degree, which allows professionals within that market to take advantage,’ she adds.

To practice law at Crefovi, you need to be on top of everything: not only do you need a strong grasp of all the many legal sectors that might apply to each individual client, you also need know the art world, Gauberti says.

What’s her advice to clients? ‘Get a good lawyer, check your provenance, and go and see the art work before you buy it: look at it, touch it with your hands, hold it in your hands, and look at it very closely.’