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Started four years ago by Bill Shipton after he tired of finding an exacting and professional property management firm to look after seven London properties owned by a Saudi family office, Bold and Reeves was born with the mantra that the owner of a luxury car would want to protect the car’s value by getting the car regularly ‘serviced’ and valeted, so why not adopt the same protection warranty to people’s most personal and often most valuable asset: their house.

Bold and Reeves operates in London and the Home Counties partnering with many non dom families, family offices, prime estate agencies (such as Wetherell in Mayfair) and those that Shipton calls ‘owner occupiers’ and ‘the temporarily absent” to manage their properties, from fixing the rattling air-conditioning unit of a Forbes 1000 client to replacing the lightbulbs up a 30 foot high chandelier. Or decorating an entire new bedroom.

Instead of a mountain of brown envelopes, there is just one monthly bill to pay as Bold and Reeves settle all bills directly with their tradesman, all of whom have security checks and whose skills are checked out (usually by referral) before they start on a job. The subcontracted ‘trades’ on their books are referred to as ‘partners’. All invoicing is transparent and any haggling is done by B&R, not the owner whilst he is trying to enjoy lunch in Lyford Cay. Any extra work done on a client’s behalf is £90 an hour.

Each property has a digitally secure ‘electronic log book’ that can be accessed anywhere in the world 24 hours a day that has copies of all the house manuals and a list of the service reports on everything from the high-tech wine cellar to the hall polisher. ‘We call this ‘continuity of knowledge’ adds Shipton. ‘Ours is a service married to technology.’

The log book contains all the information you could ever want to know and we also produce a property ‘service certificate’ like a Rolls-Royce MOT.