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‘The private banking world or mortgage world can sometimes be seen as a little bit sleepy but we’re the reverse of that,’ Wade-Jones says. ‘I always say to my team, “Leave nothing on the table, make sure that we’re doing absolutely everything we possibly can.” We work incredibly hard for our clients, and that comes across in the results that we get.’

The impressive co-founder and managing director of Enness Private says the firm has been at the top of the game ever since its venture into the HNW space over a decade ago, on the day the Northern Rock fell.

They have recently established France and Monaco desks which advise on mortgages from these regions.

Clients are becoming increasingly astute, but he sees this as a positive: ‘It has increased our position within the market’.

With ‘the most extensive contact list in the industry’, Enness Private also offers an all-round service around tax and structuring of the properties, besides the focus on the mortgage.

‘We can offer advice on taxation, we can offer advice on structuring, as well as the actual mortgage itself — those have increased our position within the market and enable us to provide additional value for our clients.’

Despite ‘slightly nerve-racking’ Brexit concerns, the landscape has been ‘incredibly positive’ for the firm, he says, and international clients further ‘strengthened their position’. It’s all about confidence, Wade-Jones says, as ‘people don’t invest in London for the short-term’.

‘The main fear was that Brexit was going to derail people’s confidence, but it’s business as usual really.’

Outside of work he is equally goal-driven: he is a sub-3 hour marathon runner, has run multiple ultra-marathons including a 94 kilometre race, cross country, from London to Brighton. His next target is to box as a competitive amateur.

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