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Having recently relocated to Guernsey after a ‘near-death’ motorbike accident, the multi award-winning adviser now acts as a consultant for, which he says is also known as the ‘luxury eBay’ ( However, a new location means newer pursuits for the relentless Welch, as he now looks at ‘opportunities that I’ve never thought of before’.

Discretion is all, as Welch’s clients include top sportsmen, billionaires and people ‘who you would not believe come to me as clients’.

His niche is HNWs who want to purchase a new £2 million-£5 million luxury home, (with cash raised, say, against an offshore bank account or a bonus that is ending, or option shares waiting to mature), an investment property or a re-mortgage to pay for a divorce.

Having built a trusted alliance of global financial funding sources through a network of international private banks, and boutique lenders and private investors, Welch now wants to expand in the Channel Islands by setting up Guernsey’s first building society.

‘In Guernsey right now there’s no first time buyer scheme at 95 per cent loans rate to help people to get on to the market…There’s also no one here that lends to people aged 65 to 89,’ he says.

It is an ambitious strategy that will ‘get the island moving again’, he says: ‘By setting up this lending business, we’re going to create our own challenger bank and create our own niche, and help people locally – that’s our plan.’ is strong on ‘being flexible in underwriting criteria and treating clients on an individual basis, which means we can agree terms to suit your individual requirements,’ he previously told Spear’s. Post-Brexit has been positive for many of Welch’s clients, he says, who have been refinancing onto much lower interest rates: ‘They probably have more liquidity now than they ever have done. The cost of money is cheaper and most of my American clients are now looking to buy London real estate, because it’s obviously much cheaper.

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