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Adam Toop’s success began when he failed his Cambridge interview, and Bill Clinton, George Bush and Barack Obama may be grateful he did: his company, Adam Phones, provides secure telecoms services for US presidential visits to Europe. Other clients include ‘the British Special Forces, royalty, celebrities and private UHNWs’, says Toop. Family offices are also well served, following the hire 18 months ago of strategist Siv Sivasamy. Toop explains that the company is renowned for its exceptional service and discretion from a ‘flexible and fast’ concierge style team: ‘At the Oxford and Cambridge boat race we provided phones to the BBC film crews, both university boat clubs and police departments to help them secure the event,’ he says. His additional support facilitates whatever clients need — one overseas client even asked Toop to buy a car for his daughter who was studying in London, and to simply ‘put it on the phone bill’. Customers in London can expect to have a broken handset replaced within two hours, Toop says, while global clients can be served as soon as a courier can reach them. If they are out of reception, the firm can provide SIMs on many networks due to their ‘high-level integration’. Security and discretion factor heavily: as a service provider, only they have access to client details, and all employees are security-vetted.

Adam Toop