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A skilled and accomplished cross border practitioner, Brecher’s private wealth partner Amanda Chapman has a wealth of experience in advising UK and non-UK domiciles, having worked in the estate and tax-planning landscape since 1998. There has been a shift away from ‘pure’ tax planning and short term solutions, she says, as the range of families, businesses, family offices and trustees she advises are becoming more aware and focused on asset protection and tax-efficient structures. ‘Although there remains an appetite for philanthropy, many clients are consolidating their wealth and seeking ways to ensure control and protection when passing assets to the next generation,’ she says. Her clientele is also becoming more international, and more hands-on with their affairs, taking a generally ‘more conservative yet bespoke’ view of tax in response to tightening of global transparency rules. ‘More interestingly, clients within family businesses are becoming more proactive in structuring the succession plan for the business and next generation’: furthermore, they are increasingly concerned about the reputation management aspect of their lives, knowing that the world of social media and tax are interlinked. Clients from chief execs to housewives find her immensely approachable and like her ‘reassuring manner’. Succession planning aside, Chapman also advises on family business governance, wills and powers of attorney, charity law and practice.

Amanda Chapman