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The Arc & Co group, headed by Andrew Robinson, is a specialist asset finance advisory firm based in Mayfair, London. Robinson ensures that each client benefits from the breadth, and not just the depth of the company’s debt knowledge and advice. High net worth clients are likely to have involvement in all three of the asset classes in which the company specialises: property (both commercial and residential), marine and aviation. Having one firm that can seamlessly service all their clients’ needs has propelled Arc & Co to success. The company has three teams working within these areas and their strategy is clearly a success; last year Arc & Co cleared £433 million of deals, including a £44 million loan for development of a multi-unit residential scheme in London. ‘In the last ten years,’ Robinson tells Spear’s, ‘the money markets have definitely opened up, becoming more international. Even though we are based in London, we are experts in not just the European market but also the American, Middle East and Asian markets.’ Robinson has succeeded in building the firm’s international capabilities, and Arc & Co are actively seeking debt opportunities outside of London. He highlights the flexibility needed to operate effectively globally, explaining that ‘it’s very different financing assets in the UK compared to other jurisdictions.’

Andrew Robinson