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When one looks at her last year, it’s no surprise that peers consider Anna Worwood one of the brightest family lawyers in London. A leading authority on relocation, she has worked on a slew of reported cases, including Re C (in which the Court of Appeal ruled that local migration disputes have equal gravity to inter jurisdictional ones) and Re D (in which she represented the mother). Worwood notes that amid cuts, the courts have been forced to find ‘creative ways’ to give children a voice. As a result, she says, the quality of verdicts is improving because judges are ‘talking to the children themselves, rather than ascertaining their views through a long report. [Those] who are experienced with children matters are getting to good grips with cases at an early stage,’ she says. ‘They really are managing cases more proactively than ever, trying to avoid delays wherever possible.’ Her guide on relocation is receiving online hits and bringing in business. When not solving legal puzzles, she takes Spanish lessons. Perhaps the Spanish edition of her book, and a host of Latin American clients, are just around the corner. She seems a fitting subject to ask: what separates the good lawyer from the great in her field? ‘A great lawyer is one who has sound judgement, prepares a case meticulously, and gives strong advice — even if that advice is not what the client is wanting or expecting!’

Anna Worwood