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Boasting a 24-hour service with ‘unparalleled national reach’, Tuckers has come a long way since its founding in 1980. Today it’s one of the biggest criminal law firms in Britain, representing clients with complex cases from white collar City fraud investigations to traffic violations. ‘Our biggest successes, you will never know about,’ says its founder, Barry Tucker. ‘Our great strength is the ability to operate in preventing a crisis before it even happens.’ Tucker sees himself as ‘master armourer’ at ‘the must-go-to criminal law firm’, identifying the lawyer ‘who will best suit the client’s case and personality’ from among his legal phalanx. Each has their particular area of expertise. ‘We tend to be the solicitors’ choice of solicitor,’ says Tucker. ‘They will often call us to say their client needs help’. As Tucker points out, an ‘NFA’ (‘no further action’) from the police is always the starting goal. If Tuckers are brought in later, or if the client is charged, dismantling the prosecution’s case and having proceedings withdrawn becomes the priority. If the case goes to trial, it’s a ‘no case to answer’ bid — and if that fails, win at trial (for those who have won and want compensation from the police, Tucker says they can do that too). Whatever the case, he’s not one to judge. ‘Of course some of our clients might, in the eyes of the law, be a teeny bit guilty,’ he says with a wry smile. ‘For them, we need to obtain the best case scenario result.’

Barry Tucker
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