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‘The Serious Fraud Office, National Crime Agency and Financial Conduct Authority are all becoming more aggressive,’ says Ben Rose, co-founding partner of the firm which bears his name. ‘This may reflect something of the zeitgeist post-crash, with the press baying for the heads of the wealthy. It’s also undoubtedly a back-handed compliment to the law firms which have succeeded in putting obstacles in their path in past investigations.’ A heavyweight criminal lawyer and also a former British kickboxing champion, he punches hard for individuals at risk of public scrutiny. He’s no stranger to big cases, having defended UHNW Tetra Pak heir Hans Rausing who came under intense media scrutiny when his wife’s body was found at his home (he also acted for a grief-stricken David Hockney amid an ‘avalanche of publicity’ after the death of his assistant). He’s won every case in the past year — most notably for former Barclays trader Ryan Reich, once charged with manipulating Libor. Reich’s first trial ended with a hung jury: the second saw him acquitted in less than an hour. ‘I was particularly pleased, since the Libor cases have not been a very happy episode for the UK,’ he says. (In other cases he’s persuaded the police to drop all charges, ‘which remains the very best outcome’.) What most often surprises his clients? ‘There is a common perception that the police are hamstrung by a criminal justice system that is weighted in favour of the defendant. Nothing could be further from the truth,’ he says. ‘I have on occasions represented police officers who are under investigation and it’s very interesting to see how the world looks so different to them when they are on the receiving end of British justice.’ Away from the grind and grit of criminal law, Rose practises yoga (six times a week no less), and looks forward to white water rafting down the Grand Canyon again, this time with his youngest children. This is something of a family tradition, and ‘the most fantastic experience.’

Ben Rose