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After studying at an American university in France and a range of internships, Benedikt Kaiser leapt quickly into the family business. Having spent his childhood hearing talk of the firm over the dinner table, Kaiser developed an understanding of the line that divides their business from standard private banks or trust services: ‘We come mainly from a trustee point of view, but understand the banking part as well,’ he says. Kaiser has responsibility ‘for large and complex clients throughout the group — complex meaning quite international, multiple generation.’ Kaiser notes that this is one of the key changes family offices and trusts are having to deal with. Just as demographics drive the wider economy, ‘today you can have four generations that are all of legal age coexisting. That is different nowadays than it was in the classical patriarchal system,’ he says. Kaiser got his first taste of ‘the family office reality’ working on ‘a case with large clients where there was a liquidity event’, and from there has expanded to offering asset management, banking, and trusteeship services. His work to date has included ‘a relocation of a family including naturalisation, getting them European union passports, and doing real estate investment. Another family [had] the next generation living in the US, so re-structuring of an entire, very complicated estate, that ranges from the trusteeship to different asset management to family governance was necessary.’

Benedikt Kaiser