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It’s been another good year for Chris Boon, a pragmatic managing director at Close Brothers HNW Bespoke division. ‘Market behaviour since the Brexit referendum has been positive, and this has been beneficial to our clients and the business,’ he says. ‘Sustainable income and international franchises have been at the forefront of investors’ attention — our focus on companies that exhibit these characteristics has helped our portfolios generate some very good returns.’ He says new business growth has also been ‘very strong’, attributing this to ‘increasing recognition of the appeal of our service to professional advisers and the referrals we receive from our loyal and longstanding clients’. What would he change about the industry? ‘An increasing number of firms are momentum-driven in their style and adopt a performance horizon measured in months, in contrast to the vast majority of private individuals who view their wealth over years and expect us to invest for them accordingly,’ he says. ‘Wealth management firms are better placed than most to take short-term benchmark risk to support those quality companies genuinely capable of outgrowing the economy over the long term. So I would advocate less benchmark-hugging, and more entrepreneurial spirit in stock selection.’ Away from the office, Boon enjoys fly fishing, and exploring Italy.

Chris Boon