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Claire Gill is a partner at Carter-Ruck, a company which has garnered a reputation as the ‘go-to firm’ for reputation management. They have a wide-ranging client base, and cater to a large proportion of celebrities and HNWs. ‘People come to us primarily when they are confronted with a crisis,’ says Gill. ‘We work at the sharp end of crisis management, working often with our clients’ PR advisers and liaising with the newspaper’s in house lawyers in order effectively to communicate the client’s side of the story before it reaches the public sphere, but sometimes, it’s more about damage limitation.’ The combined years of expertise within Carter-Ruck, Gill believes, means their lawyers have developed intuition as to the right course of action: whether to come down hard in the first instance or take a softer approach. Having been with the firm for over 20 years, Gill has a unique view of the world of privacy and data protection. ‘When I first came to Carter-Ruck, yesterday’s news was treated as today’s chip paper. Now, it’s different — a photo shared ten years ago could resurface. Nothing is forgotten.’ Although nominally a lawyer, Gill wears all manner of hats. ‘Clients don’t always need technical legal advice, they need practical, applicable advice on how to tackle their unique problems.’

Claire Gill