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Daniel Astaire is a founder and equity partner at Grosvenor Law, a Mayfair commercial litigation boutique. He describes himself as ‘a broad commercial litigator — a general problem solver for HNWs and UHNWs’. He has practiced law for over 16 years and has full rights of audience, having trained as a barrister in 1998. Over the years he has represented innumerable companies and solved a range of disputes in the business world and personal arena. ‘I have a really eclectic client base. Because of the world that they inhabit and the work that they do, every problem is unique,’ he says. Among colleagues, he is known for his particular eye for detail and strategic planning, and his skill combining legal strategies with wider case planning and other professionals such as PR, investigations and forensics. He recently had a case where an anonymous package arrived at a client’s home during a £300 million case, containing threatening language and a stack of hacked emails. Through a number of novel court orders, based in both in the UK jurisdiction and elsewhere, Astaire was able to locate where it was posted, get the CCTV footage, and identify the person who posted it. He used the courts to work out who their instructions came from, identified the computer lines that had been used to hack into his client’s email accounts, and finally identified the hackers by going to Luxembourg and getting a court order against a bank. ‘It’s a mix of detective work and innovative legal work,’ he says. Grosvenor Law has experienced huge growth over the years, and Astaire is proud of the achievement. ‘When I started we were 4 people, we’re now about 30 people and we continue to grow. Most lawyers aren’t entrepreneurial, that’s why they’re lawyers, they aren’t risk takers. We are quite an entrepreneurial law firm both in our approach and in the way we seize opportunities,’ he tells Spear’s. ‘Often the client will need the scale of a huge city firm but won’t want the rigidity of a city firm. So they will ask Grosvenor Law to act as a general counsel between them and the city firm. So we will take on a quasi-client mantle.’ Ultimately, Astaire believes that Grosvenor Law’s success comes down to the simple fact that ‘clients like our approach, they like the way we think, and we’ve trained the people beneath us to think in a quizzical way rather than the classic procedural approach to litigation.’

Daniel Astaire
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