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‘Beyond our traditional wealth management business, Stanhope is also a club of like-minded co-investors who are often entrepreneurs themselves,’ says Stanhope CEO Daniel Pinto. ‘They bring more than money but also the intelligence, the network, the energy to actually re-engineer businesses and we are the platform where we put these investors together.’ His clients are a mix of those families and clients who ‘aim to generate about six or seven per cent a year without taking excessive risks’, and those who are prepared to be more adventurous. Some of these clients gravitate to private equity or real estate routes: ‘Projects when it’s not about sitting tight and waiting for coupons or dividends to be paid out, but where you have a chance to grow the top line through geographic expansion, or through an expansion of product lines — or to grow the bottom line by re-engineering the business and squeezing costs.’ Pinto didn’t reduce risks in portfolios in the last year and a half. ‘And we’re glad — markets have been very good and our clients have done well’. What makes a great wealth manager? ‘Empathy. For many wealth managers a client is a piece of paper with an asset allocation and a currency exposure. A client is a human being that has a brain, fear, and emotions. It is only when you understand this dimension that you become the trusted adviser.’

Daniel Pinto