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An experienced adviser to trusts, individuals and their families on ‘all aspects’ of financial, estate planning and investment needs, David Lovell specialises in tax-optimisation and structuring for portfolios, pensions, and life assurance for estate planning. The partner and Chartered Financial Planner counts current or former lawyers, accountants, property professionals, private equity investors, bankers, and landed estates among clients — clients he says are typically ‘time-poor and want to work with a trusted adviser, providing proactive advice’. ‘Achieving highly satisfactory investment returns both nominally and relative to peers has been rewarding,’ he says. Asked for his take on markets in the year ahead, he takes an even longer view: ‘We look much further than a year ahead,’ he says. ‘Clients are living longer and many are investing to provide for future generations as well as themselves. The boost to investment returns provided by decades of declining bond yields may reverse, so discussions are centring around restructuring portfolios to maintain returns, which may include investing more in trade and industry, globally in companies with strong, resilient earnings, and in listed private equity.’ He says the ‘huge’ value locked up in final salary pensions has surprised many clients, ‘as has the potential benefits of transferring them, to gain control of an inheritance tax-free fund. We are qualified and able to advise on these matters. Most prospective clients would like to understand whether their portfolios have performed well, what they are costing, if their overall assets are appropriately invested or how much money is enough. We can answer all of these questions.’ What sets the great wealth manager apart? ‘One that provides firm recommendations — not woolly options — and recognises financial planning and investment management are inextricably linked and can think strategically,’ he says. And the firm? ‘Treating clients’ money as if it were our own, and sitting firmly on the client’s side of the table.’

David Lovell