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‘We’re a one-stop-shop for the very best private healthcare in London,’ HealthClic founder and medical director, Dr Chaturvedi, describes the luxury concierge healthcare brand he started with his daughter, Priyanka Chaturvedi, in 2015 – which he describes as a personal family office for health. The company facilitates door-to-door private healthcare for the discerning elite, bringing back the age where house calls were the norm, but with a modern twist and exclusive membership. Each member has a dedicated health PA, and membership will give you the benefits of preventative medicine, 7-day priority access to VIP treatment at London’s private hospitals, along with direct access to the country’s most respected specialists (even those with a 6-month waiting list!). ‘A lot of people don’t have a personal family doctor working with them on preventing disease – in companies especially, people do tend to get too busy, although with regular check-ups we can nowadays prevent many cancers, diabetes and other illnesses from developing into terminal cases if detected at earlier stages’ he says.

A doctor with over 30 years’ experience, and as a GP Trainer and Examiner, he handpicks the country’s best GPs using strict criteria that is beyond industry standard. The GPs have, at the very minimum notable experience and/or further qualifications in addition to their years as hospital doctors, and an infallible logic and medical knowledge, as well as a personable client-centric demeanor. By personally interviewing the doctors, the founder ensures the GPs ‘go out of their way’ and ‘do their very best’ for clients.

A team of quality doctors who are passionate about the profession is key, especially at a time when it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find a ‘good’ doctor. The firm’s focus is both on client satisfaction as well as staff fulfilment – a unique approach in private healthcare. ‘We’re always seeing it from the patient’s perspective as well as a doctor’s perspective.’

Such attention to detail seems to be the recipe for success, as the personalised one-to-one consultations mean doctors can spend more time examining patients, which not only motivates doctors, but also makes patients feel cared. And access to specalists is organized by the HealthClic health PAs; so no stress, paperwork or hassle when you want immediate access to the best. It’s luxury, Dr Chaturvedi says, as NHS doctors on average spend four to five hours seeing 30 patients – which of course means the 10-minute consultation.  But it is not enough: ‘Sometimes it takes 10-15 minutes to actually get to the crux of the problem – a 10-minute consultation just flies by.’ It is what the firm tries to do away with. ‘We don’t want the patient to feel that they’re just another person on the conveyor belt.’

Private healthcare is only slightly better, he adds, with an average consultation time of between 20-25 minutes. HealthClic however, provides doctors with the flexibility to truly understand the patients, as ‘there is never just one answer for each illness’. ‘It varies with each person and you can’t really afford to make a mistake there.’ An average consultation lasts 45 minutes, but HealthClic’s doctors often go the distance, as Chaturvedi recalls a memorable event with a non-UK client who had recently summoned one of his doctor’s to her hotel door during her stay in London. ‘One of the doctors accompanied her to the hospital to make sure she was okay, as she was alone. That’s the thing you want to get when yours or your family’s health is concerned- that’s the type of service that you really need to give – particularly at a higher level for people who are time-poor.’

Quality consultation aside, what truly sets the firm apart is its concierge-style services, with the simplicity of ‘one number, one point of contact for everything’. Each member is assigned a dedicated healthcare representative who not only sets up the appointments with doctors and partner hospitals, clinics and specialists, but also works with HealthClic’s non-medical partners – chauffeurs, celebrity nutritionists and personal trainers – to provide clients with an all-round service. Dr Chaturvedi also looks forward to the newly set up pregnancy memberships that organises all check-ups, scans and brings doctors to pregnancy members within 90 minutes, all seven days of the week. This is done in conjunction with the lady’s consultant at a top London private hospital; they are taken through the whole journey by HealthClic’s exclusive membership.

It is indeed comforting for HNWs that they can have all medical and health needs with one phone call, opting for concierge medicine over traditional practices to enhance their lifestyle, maximize their time and look after their families.

Dr Anuj Chaturvedi