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Responsible for driving the strategy and new business objectives of R K Harrison, Howden’s specialist private wealth division (both part of the Hyperion group), chairman Filippo Guerrini-Maraldi offers ‘sophisticated’ specialist insurance solutions for private individuals, providing cover for home and contents, including fine art and other valuables, vehicles, farms and estates. He says conditions in the fine art and specie market have impacted the way insurers have had to adjust their pricing: ‘This has made the market more competitive, and in response to this, R K Harrison include additional insurance solutions such as automatic coverage, defective title, event cancellation and cyber.’ Guerrini-Maraldi works with a large number of private collectors all over the world, particularly from major art cities such as London, Paris, New York, Tel Aviv, Geneva, Los Angeles and San Francisco. R K Harrison is certainly no ordinary insurance broker: ‘Clients are often disappointed by poor claims practices, which some insurers rely on in order to mitigate losses,’ he says. ‘We ensure that all the insurers we work with have a reputable claim service — that’s what it’s all about.’ Guerrini-Maraldi especially enjoys how his role combines his ‘passion for art, and being able to satisfy our clients’ insurance requirements by obtaining a good deal that will pay out properly when the moment of truth arises’.

Filippo Guerrini-Maraldi