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It’s been a hectic but rewarding 18 months for Jade Bentwood, London & Capital’s associate director. She looks after a range of Investor Visa clients as well as heading up its newly launched Women’s Private Office. The expansion is organic, she says, fuelled by the complexity of enquiries she’d recently received, some from clients who were undergoing ‘life-changing’ situations. She recalls a divorced business owner who came into ‘significant wealth’ after the proceedings, but was initially daunted by the investment world. Bentwood stepped in to help her understand her assets better by ‘creating a safe and open environment’. Her efforts paid off, as she then received a call one morning with the client confidently wanting to discuss a company she’d read about in the Financial Times. ‘It was rewarding to see someone so engaged in the process,’ says Bentwood. ‘It became apparent to me that there’s a real need, for women in particular, to deal with advisers they can relate to and who are mindful of their personal situation.’ Bentwood found her calling in wealth and relationship management at London & Capital’s Investor Visa team. ‘I became a trusted adviser to a lot of these families,’ she says, adding that she always goes beyond the remit of managing investment portfolios to bring together a coordinated network of professional advisers for clients.

Jade Bentwood