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When asked what clients like best about the City headquartered investment firm WH Ireland, investment manager James Hughes says: ‘Everyone likes to say they’re bespoke, but we genuinely are — no two portfolios are ever exactly the same. If there’s a particular sector or company that a client has a preference for, we can include it within their portfolio. We definitely benefit from greater flexibility. Size is in fact our strength as it enables our investment managers to be more dynamic in our asset allocation,’ he continues. ‘One of the main advantages for our clients is that they can speak directly to their investment manager to talk about portfolio strategy and tweak where necessary. Many of our peers are tightly constrained in the areas of asset allocation and stock selection, and we are able to be truly bespoke. Our investment philosophy adopts a collegiate approach, and most of our investment managers are actively involved in our investment committees, which steer the Group’s investment strategy. My clients take comfort and value in the knowledge that I chair the WH Ireland Stock Selection Committee.’ WH Ireland believes in building open relationships based upon trust with clients. ‘Clients definitely seem to enjoy calling us,’ says Hughes, ‘and we’re never too busy to talk to them.’ The firm was awarded the independent Suggestus 3D Award 2017 for its commitment to transparency, engagement and integrity.

James Hughes