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Sometimes the simplest ideas are the most powerful. This is why James McManus is so keen to extol the virtues of his three Ps: Pricing, Patience, and People. Pricing correctly is the first pillar, where nothing is more important than knowledge and experience of the area in question. This he has in abundance, as he has been personally responsible for over £1 billion in deals since joining Wetherell in 2004. He says he got into the industry ‘almost by accident’, as he had wanted to pursue the foreign office graduate scheme, but quickly fell in love with the London property market. McManus has now worked his way to Managing Director at Wetherell, specialising in the core areas of sales, valuations and development, and marrying this experience to formal academic training from his Master’s in Real Estate and Finance. The second pillar of McManus’ philosophy is patience. For him, this means telling clients ‘don’t panic and you will get the result’. He says that, in his years of experience, clients’ priorities haven’t changed and they ‘always expect the best service and that they should get the best results.’ This can make it hard to exercise his patience, as ‘it is a challenging market,’ but ‘the clients know this and just wish to have constant dialogue and proof that every effort is being made to capture and follow up any opportunity’, he says. This has paid off as, even in the cooling London prime market, over the last year McManus has gone from strength to strength.

James McManus