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Jamie Black is a wealth manager prepared to stand by his portfolios. ‘My pension is almost entirely invested in Sarasin core funds,’ he told Spear’s. It’s an example the rest of the management team follows, while partners and staff collectively own over 40 per cent of the firm’s equity. It’s obviously a happy ship, with a notably high rate of staff retention. ‘The revolving door spins too fast in our industry and I think we have a peerless track record of staff continuity,’ says Black. He started out in the industry a week before the October 1987 crash, which he gratefully ‘survived’, going on to join Sarasin in 1996, where he now looks after a range of families and charities. Looking after around 800 relationships, Sarasin specialise in discretionary fund management. Specialist areas include inflation linked target return mandates, an AIM Portfolio Service and their subsidiary, Sarasin Asset Management, through which they are licensed to look after US clients. Brexit, and the decline of sterling have encouraged industry peers to think more globally, and Black isn’t worried about London’s position as a continuing global financial centre. ‘The depth of talent, experience and infrastructure here is clearly exceptional and leaves our fund management industry well placed to prosper with or without a Brexit wobble. Our regulatory backdrop is also strong, a key consideration for attracting overseas business.’

Jamie Black