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Sotheby’s global head of wine Jamie Ritchie started buying wine by the case when he was 17 after an epiphany: ‘I realised that if I lived until I was 70 and drank a bottle of wine a day, then I’d drink over 20,000 bottles, so I thought I had better make that an enjoyable and interesting experience.’ Ritchie joined Sotheby’s in 1990 and became global head in 2016. The role requires him to oversee worldwide sales of $65 to $90 million per year. He launched Sotheby’s wine auctions in New York in 1994 and in Hong Kong in 2009, and recently launched Sotheby’s Wine, a retail store and online wine business. In the meantime, Ritchie has racked up a seriously impressive list of auction records.

Jamie Ritchie