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Jason Stather-Lodge, as the founder and CEO of OCM Wealth Management, is passionate and driven as regards to his firm’s culture and keeping the focus always on the clients. The firm has traded for nearly 14 years and Stather-Lodge has a great deal of pride in the financial engineering his firm undertakes for their clients. The firm reports on approximately £400m of client assets with circa £280m of those managed on a discretionary basis. The clientele consists of 226 families and trusts dealing with OCM Wealth Management directly and another 380 from third party IFA firms, that just use the Discretionary Managed Model Portfolio Services via OCM Asset Management.

Over the last 14 years the multiple services have evolved from what was originally a bespoke Independent Financial Advisory service, with a tax planning integrated service, to now also include a full Discretionary Fund Management Service all for a single fee, avoiding VAT. Stather-Lodge believes this was the most cost-efficient way to go, because clients are more financially aware and cost-conscious than ever before, and that is a good thing as it brings clients to focus on the unnecessary costs involved when firms layer additional services on top of their own charges. As OCM Wealth Management prides itself on driving its costs down, and delivering multiple services from within a single costs structure, Stather-Lodge prides himself on the firm’s culture being focused on delivering “more for less”, he explains.

A former engineer in the forces, Stather-Lodge set up OCM as he was disappointed to see a trend within the investment management industry that clients invested and were just told to ride the course and remain invested, irrespective of what was happening in the world. As a result, client experiences were negative, volatility was too high, and outcomes were not being delivered. He felt this was ‘going against the ethos of focusing on the client’ and as such, he structurally developed the in-house “Outcome Based Investment” (OBI) strategy into a centralised investment proposition that works harmoniously alongside the Holistic Financial Planning, and sets out to make sure his firm’s culture was focused on delivering a highly personalised service.

OCM offer end to end financial planning, a taxation service and an in-house DFM model portfolio service. It is a privately-owned family business, which, Stather-Lodge says, has allowed him to always put clients first. ‘As a result, we have grown over the last 14 years primarily based on referrals from happy clients.’  OCM continues to grow organically year on year at a strong and sustainable pace, but in such a way that ensures the culture is always focused on protecting the existing clients ahead of getting new ones.

Stather-Lodge is uniquely passionate and driven, which he attributes in a large part to his wife, business partner and ‘best friend’ Maggie’s endless support and understanding both at home and work.  ‘It works very well. I’m allowed to be boss at work, but I’m not the boss at home,’ he says, laughing.

Jason Stather-Lodge