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After many years of successful lending, John Clifford has built strong and reciprocal relationships with a wide variety of property professionals including many lawyers, accountants, bankers and specialist consultants. When Clifford found himself being asked more and more often by these professional firms whether he could ‘deal directly’ with their clients, he decided to launch Conrad Capital lender. Essentially Conrad is a bridge lender, designed to cater to the dedicated needs of professionals. Through Conrad their clients can gain access to a wide product range with unregulated short term business loans at its core, where market leading products are underpinned by a completely bespoke service proposition. ‘At the core of Conrad’s proposition is a direct liaison service, one where industry professionals can be assured that any clients they refer will be contacted expeditiously on a one to one basis,’ says Clifford. From first contact through to loan completion, clients always deal directly with decision makers. Conrad take time to understand each client, adapting loans to their needs rather than the other way around. Clifford’s unblemished track record over nearly eight years of lending has attracted a diverse mix of funders, from private to institutional, all of whom give Conrad complete autonomy of decision making. This allows Conrad to quote rapidly and progress any transactional requirement to completion, however complex it is.

John Clifford