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‘The attraction for setting this place up was that we wouldn’t be an organisation setting up our own product,’ says John Jopp. ‘By not having your own product, you’re sourcing the best solutions.’.

The broader perspective encompasses a family’s entire wealth, rather than just liquid portfolios and takes into account holding structures, illiquid investments and privately held businesses, while paying particular attention to overall long term wea

With the firm since inception in 2008, partner John Jopp is responsible for managing discretionary and advisory portfolios across a range of asset classes for individuals, trusts and charities including both UK and International clients. ‘I focus on discretionary and advisory wealth management for a wide range of UK RD and RND clients including city professional, listed & unlisted company directors, entrepreneurs and professional trustees (onshore and offshore),’ Jopp explains.

Formerly of UBS Wealth Management and James Capel (HSBC) Investment Management, he manages £200million personally and oversees a team of 18 (including 8 Investment Managers) responsible for in excess of £1billion AUM.

‘In a world of low interest rates, investors have shunned more traditional asset class splits within portfolios and moved more heavily towards equities to find returns, moving the multiples of many FTSE 100 companies to all-time highs,’ he notes. ‘In this sense, it has become ever more important to make sure that portfolios are well positioned towards good quality investments that will continue to produce returns to investors over the long term.’

LGT Vestra prides itself on its transparency. ‘We do not sell our own products,’ says Jopp. ‘Our fees are explicitly stated up front to clients. Operating this way allows us to act purely in the best interest of the client at all times, and to offer something different versus traditional investment management firms.’

Despite unnerving comments from some senior business leaders in the wake of the European referendum, Jopp believe London will continue to flourish and continue to hold its position as the largest financial services city across the continent.

Challenges to the fast-evolving wealth management industry are aplenty. ‘With advances in technology and the rise of the ‘platform’ model of money management, the industry as a whole is in a period of constant evolution,’ Jopp explains. ‘As the world becomes more predisposed towards automated and computerised services, we as portfolio managers must continue to prove that our knowledge and expertise of financial markets and investments is an invaluable asset to our clients and their prosperity.’

Has the political situation affected clients? ‘It’s been reasonably positive in that a lot of clients have possibly been reminded how difficult navigating markets is,’ he says.

John Jopp