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A family lawyer with two decades’ experience, Magnus Mill acts for HNWs, specialising in ‘all’ private family law matters — including pre- and post-nuptial agreements, divorce, financial remedy, offshore financial structures and children’s law — very frequently of an international nature. He’s had an ‘interesting’ 12 months — not least because of Brexit and the ‘resulting focus among families as to whether to stay living in the UK or move elsewhere’. He’s also seen pre-nup demand surge to new heights, and says that ‘they are 100 per cent worth doing, so as to save potential trouble later’. He advocates scrapping the UK family courts’ insistence on assigning blame, replacing it with a more modern, ‘no-fault’ philosophy: a single change that would eliminate a common and ‘totally unnecessary’ cause of argument between divorcing couples: ‘It’s really disappointing that the law currently forces each couple to have to start their divorce with a discussion about blameworthy behaviour, which often causes bad-feeling that can then overshadow attempts to reach agreement on the important matters relating to children and finances,’ he says. The likeable lawyer’s approach is obviously paying off with clients: the ‘vast majority’ are referred by former clients, ‘which we take as a sign that they recognise the good work that we have done for them’, he says. In his free time he’s ‘hooked on being active and outdoors’.

Magnus Mill