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TIGER 21’s mission is to help members improve their investment acumen, tackle common issues of wealth preservation, manage family-related challenges, and to understand estate planning options, philanthropic endeavours, and legacy impact. The company is now North America’s leading network of peer groups for UHNWs, and Mark Call has also established a London presence. Prior to founding TIGER, Call’s varied career included advising ministers at HM Treasury, setting up an infrastructure fund, and chairing a TV production company. Call and his co-chair Tony Bogod saw the need for ‘a discreet and trusted space, where UHNWs can discuss among peers issues of wealth preservation, next generation and philanthropy’. As well as placing the highest importance on confidentiality, the group is strictly a no-pitch environment — and that also applies to the external speakers and contributors the members request to stimulate discussions. This year the group has had inputs from leading practitioners in philanthropy, next generation engagement, cyber security, Family Office strategy and impact investing, among others. Members often describe their group as a ‘private board of directors’. The more than 500 members in the 38 groups across the US and Canada have personal investible assets averaging over $100 million.

Mark Call