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A sought-after solicitor with more than two decades’ experience, Hampshire-based Michael Cash advises HNWs, specialising in domestic and international trust and estate litigation, including breach of trust claims, disputes over wills and administration of estates, and claims under the Inheritance Act. Intra-family conflict over estates and succession has been intensifying lately, he says: ‘As distinctions on medical
capacity become finer and more sophisticated, more advice does need to be obtained to check capacity for different decisions. Financial abuse of the vulnerable is widespread — there does need to be greater co-ordination between banks, family, friends and social services, to deter and to remedy this.’ As the entrepreneurial wealth creators of the 20th century seek to secure their legacy in ever-increasing numbers, his workload changes in emphasis: ‘The problems and issues of conflict relating to estates and succession continue to grow,’ he says. ‘More and more disputes are being resolved without a trial and by mediation.’ He recently concluded one case after DNA testing to check the paternity of an individual making a claim on the estate of a ‘very wealthy’ Russian in London. Currently looking forward to exploring Tanzania, the keen hockey coach, singer and tennis player is praised by clients for his ‘personal involvement’ with cases, citing his down to earth manner.

Michael Cash