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‘People will always appreciate and value the human touch,’ Mo Baluchi, Executive Director of Quilter Cheviot, tells Spear’s. Despite digital technology rapidly rising in financial services globally, he believes clients’ fundamental needs remain the same. ‘I’ve found that people’s priorities don’t tend to change much wherever they are in the world. They gravitate towards certainty, security and long-term provision for themselves and family’, he says. But that doesn’t mean the company can become complacent. Baluchi’s role is to continue improving and expanding Quilter Cheviot’s services across the globe, and develop a variety of local and international relationships too. ‘My investment and private banking background means that I can understand the challenges that many of the people I deal with face, whether that is clients or colleagues,’ he says. He has seen more business development between the Channel Islands and ‘exotic’ and untapped markets globally post-Brexit, with regions he calls ‘the growth areas of the future’, such as the increase in wealth creation that is taking place in Africa. ‘We can observe technological innovation and entrepreneurial talent coming to the fore in these jurisdictions too,’ he says, adding it is also vital to recognise ‘the shift towards greater transparency and more robust regulatory standards’.

Mo Baluchi