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Natasha Tiwari is the MD of Elevare London, an education advisory firm with offices in London and New York. The name – from Latin ‘to rise’ – reflects its mission to support each child, from nursery to post-graduate age, in rising to their fullest potential. Tiwari and her team work with clients across the globe, and have been told that the speed at which they accelerate the learning process is ‘magic’. She started her career at Teach First: at just 20, the youngest person ever accepted onto the programme. Combining this with her training in psychology, she went on to create the Elevare Method, a unique way of assessing students’ psychological profiles and potential in order to devise a truly bespoke programme to guarantee goal achievement. The method is informed by psychology, pedagogy and neuroscience, such that they ‘look after a student’s mindset while achieving fantastic academic results’ (indeed, 100 per cent of clients win places in their first choice schools). Elevare once tutored a very creative eight-year-old girl, who had failed the entrance exam to prep school. She went from having academic ability that would be below average for a five-year-old, to being above average for her age, within just six months. She was then accepted into the school having discovered a talent for maths. The firm’s client list runs from royals to business titans and celebrities: and for every client that Elevare works with, they pay for a child in India affected by poverty to go to school. ‘It never gets old to know we’ve transformed a child’s life’, says Tiwari.

Natasha Tiwari