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Nathaniel McCullagh’s private tutor firm has grown since 2009 to provide unsurpassed education consultancy and school placement services. His network of professional tutors also provides traditional after-school tuition, full time home schooling and overseas placements (for which the company won multiple awards in 2017). ‘Compared to when I started as a tutor, parents now make extremely sophisticated use of tutoring services: they no longer call at the last minute for a tutor to help Harry get into Eton,’ he says. Instead, they rely on agencies to introduce the brightest tutors and consultants for them to create long-term relationships that add value beyond the next entrance exam. The education landscape is changing quickly — in 2017 McCullagh has seen huge demand for education planning that is Brexit-proof. Uncertain (and flexible) living arrangements have led to more demand than ever for boarding school placements — especially from HNW families based outside the UK. Academic excellence notwithstanding, families value the empathy and compassion that McCullagh’s carefully chosen tutors bring. ‘We get a lot of families who need help when things go wrong at school following a learning or emotional rough patch. You have to introduce the right person to do this delicate work.’ Parents say the combination of tutoring and mentoring makes their child happier: ‘It is very difficult to express how grateful we are to you,’ one parent has told him.

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