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Thirteen years in the private client investment world has made the Devon-born senior relationship manager Nick Hender yearn for more client contact: which is why his move from a more managerial role at Barclays to HSBC’s relationship management department was a delight. ‘It’s a change of role, so it’s rejuvenation in some respect,’ he says. ‘It’s been a real energiser to be working directly with people who are able, focused and highly successful across a range of industries and professions.’ He has also been rejuvenated by HSBC’s different approach. ‘The change of culture in terms of the diversity of the team I work with and the approach we take towards building long-term relationships has been a really positive thing for me.’ He gathers his experience and knowledge from within the industry to advise clients on how they can ‘maintain and preserve the wealth they have created’. His clients, mostly entrepreneurial, are reviewing their risk appetites in the light of the low return environment they’re in, especially the low returns that are available from cash at the moment. Increasingly they are looking to other assets, with equities forming the foundation of their investment portfolios, and increased diversification across a fuller range of asset classes with the potential to produce a higher return. Hender says that his clients often draw on their own experience when it comes to alternative assets: entrepreneurs who have seen private equity at work in their own business are often more interested in investing in private equity. The reciprocity of the client-manager relationship can be rewarding. No two clients are the same, he says, and there is a lot he ends up learning from each individual experience. Attention to detail and ‘doing little things very well’ do pay off. ‘We are here to serve, and I think that is something that is often forgotten.’ The impact of excellent service is felt even more by those who are especially time poor. ‘It’s about making things that little bit easier for them, thinking ahead and really listening to what they want, and then being able to act on it.’

Nick Hender