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When asked about a recent highlight, HSBC Private Banking director Nick Milne takes us back to the end of 2016. ‘I was sitting in our Oxford office on Christmas Eve and by 11.30 am I had three calls from three separate clients who were telling me they’d sold their businesses — I knew that 2017 was going to be an exciting year,’ he says. The rest of the year saw him work with entrepreneurs, shareholders, founders, beneficiaries, CFOs, CEOs and a range of ‘individuals behind corporate names’.
The former Barclays man, who moved to HSBC ten years ago, utilises over three decades of experience in financial services to help his discerning clientele. There is no happier role for the passionate adviser, who says the private bank ‘offers terrific opportunities to be yourself’. He enjoys guiding HNWs who have exited their businesses successfully through the private bank’s proposition, from finding out what their risk appetite is to defining their investment objectives moving forward. ‘Clients and private bankers are getting much closer,’ he says, commenting on how working with his clientele is all about ‘having a conversation at a different level’ as HNWs have become ‘more conscious of global markets and more sophisticated’ in their thinking about their finances, having run enterprises themselves. ‘They are familiar with what a private bank can offer, and we have a great understanding of what it is they are after.’
Such business-savvy clients are attracted to HSBC’s global reach, with more and more appreciation of the benefits of diversifying portfolios to include assets from around the world. In a low yield environment with geopolitical uncertainty, some investors are prepared for alternative approaches to finding returns. ‘Traditional asset classes of course are still essential but we’re also quite strong in the alternative investment arena, and we have had good uptake of some of our private equity and real estate offerings,’ he says.

Nick Milne