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Oliver Gilsenan proudly relays the story of a student who failed their GCSEs, then spent four months studying at LSL, Lionheart’s bespoke school, leaving with seven A* and going on to study at Cambridge. ‘Giving children the confidence to succeed’ is the key to Lionheart’s success, he says. Established in 1989 and led by Gilsenan and business partner Rupert Syme, Lionheart is the UK’s most trusted Educational Consultancy, Private Tuition and Bespoke Schooling group. They work with the world’s most prominent families, providing a support network to ensure that their children reach their fullest potential. Tuition can happen in the home, or via Lionheart’s online learning platform (LSO). For foreign students relocating to the UK or for those aiming to change school midway through the year and who want to continue their tuition until they find a replacement school, LSL or LSO provide an entirely bespoke education. Lionheart Educational Consultants lead the school placement service, using knowledge and trust built up with leading schools over 29 years to intelligently match a student to a school. From choosing the best nursery schools at birth to preparing students for Oxbridge interviews, Gilsenan continues to build upon Lionheart’s broad range of offerings, employing the best talent in education to create industry leading services.

Oliver Gilsenan