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A market leader in sourcing large mortgages for HNWs, Paul Welch founded in 2003. Today the firm funds complex lending structures internationally across all asset classes, including real estate, jets, yachts and art, with 45 staff across the UK, Singapore, and Monaco. The firm recently moved into the Guernsey lending market, helping to establish the Family Building Society as the island’s first new lender since 1995. Welch identifies ‘lots of opportunity in the Channel Islands’ following the island’s loss of lenders post-2008, adding that lenders who offer ‘niche products’ can reap the rewards of this withdrawal (he recently helped to set up an initiative lending to those aged between 65 and 89), and says business is expanding, with volumes still increasing despite uncertainty arising from Brexit. ‘What you lose in UK buyers you gain in overseas buyers due to the fall in the pound’, he says. Despite his constitutional optimism, he’s critical of the uncertainty generated by the current political situation, saying ‘the government needs to be more stable — so much negative news impacts on confidence’. A recent highlight was the launch of new website, which he describes as ‘the eBay for luxury items which cost more than £1 million’. Real estate, art, yachts, jets, cars and other rare items change hands for six figure sums, with a confidential asset matching service financed by

Paul Welch