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A pianist herself, Investment Quorum’s director of private clients Petronella West compares her role to the conductor of an orchestra. ‘You don’t necessarily need to know how to play the first violin, the trombone, the percussion, but you do need to know how it all works together,’ she says. Client service at the award-winning boutique firm is par excellence, and ‘all-encompassing’. She breaks down the components of wealth management into tax planning, investment management, and most importantly, financial planning. The key is to marry these together and ‘understand the clients’ main objectives and meeting their needs’, where many firms in the industry are only focused on the managing of assets, she adds. West, now a beacon of investment knowledge, recalls her humble beginnings in her 20s. ‘I’ve been to investment dinners thinking, “What on earth is a yield curve?”’ She is pleased to see the company she helped build ‘grow in size and stature every year — we have categorically proven that being small is no barrier for success.’ She foresees potential in increased partnerships between games companies and financial services to develop user-friendly software for clients. She gives the addictiveness of Candy Crush as an example, and explains that a lot of time and effort has been invested into making the simple game engaging, which is what wealth management needs to tap into too. ‘We’re so boring,’ she laughs.

Petronella West