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From his three-storey gallery in Pall Mall, at the heart of the original epicentre of London’s art scene going back 300 years, art sleuth Philip Mould lets Spear’s in on his heart’s desire: a flower painting by Cedric Morris. ‘I’m a great enthusiast of wild flowers and it’s great to have a fusion of the artistic and natural,’ he says. Mould, who has rediscovered and revived van Dycks and once bought a Gainsborough on eBay for £120, is a noted seller of portrait miniatures and strong proponent of Old Masters in an art-world swamped by contemporary works. Old Masters continue to hurt, he says, but he’s confident the pendulum is due to swing back any minute. He has just finished filming the sixth series of his lost-masterpiece hunt Fake or Fortune?.

Philip Mould