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Daughter of two doctors and businesswoman Priyanka Chaturvedi (who attended the prestigious Cambridge Judge Business School) recognised quickly from her own experiences that modern medicine was still reactive rather than proactive. ‘In London, the medical sector is old-fashioned – they’re too comfortable and too laid-back’, she explains. This certainly isn’t sufficient for most hard-working, busy individuals, let alone the UHNW…

Priyanka brought concierge medicine to London; so clients and family offices have one team and one doctor they can trust, with discreet hospital care co-ordination and house calls by HealthClic doctors being the norm. Since 1996 in the U.S., concierge medicine has taken off and is now a hot topic globally. While it began with doctors offering around the clock, fast medical services to Hollywood’s elite and senior executives, it has made its way across the Atlantic in the form of HealthClic. HealthClic offers executives, individuals and families around the clock care – 7 days a week – and they’re super responsive. The reason could be that HealthClic doctors would not look after more than 50 families each.

Priyanka’s highly experienced father Dr Anuj Chaturvedi is the Medical Director, and HealthClic is the UK’s leader in concierge medicine. Their mission is to empower individuals to be their best version, and their unique model delivers tailor-made, preventative health management. With simply a tailored annual check-up and genomic testing, HealthClic doctors can monitor your risk for various diseases and take early, preventive action. They’ve got the numbers behind them – an annual gynaecological check-up is twice as likely to catch early signs of cervical cancer.

Members may benefit from a full body MOT, genetic testing and more – followed by a detailed, personalised report. Everyone has a personal GP overlooking their care, whom they can call or request home visits 7 days a week, and each have a dedicated Healthcare Representative to liaise with their PA and co-ordinate their care. A tailor-made health plan is created, ensuring you are receiving the latest, safest advancements in preventative medicine.

The HealthClic team organise regular check-ups, manage your immunisation schedule and ensure you achieve your goals to not only reduce likelihood of disease; but live at 110 per cent. ‘The extra 10 per cent is the secret of life’s winners’ says Priyanka. ‘Our patients build strong, trusting relationships with their doctor and Healthcare Representative, and we can even facilitate bespoke nutrition and exercise plans; according to what will achieve the best, most efficient results for you.’

She says, ‘While keeping our patient list tight to offer the highest level of service, we have built a brilliant team and utilise our network of the world’s finest specialists to support each individual, family or organisation in performing and living at their very best level. There are no limitations to what you can achieve.’

It is indeed comforting for HNWs that they can have all medical and health needs with one phone call, opting for concierge medicine over traditional practices to enhance their lifestyle, maximise time and look after their families. HealthClic’s approach to personal healthcare is highly proactive, using extensive data collected from detailed full-body analysis and medical investigations to help patients ‘optimise health, mitigate risks and prevent illness’.

The highly bespoke service has been beneficial and even life changing for many patients. One testimonial reads: ‘Always impressed. I previously neglected this area of my life, but now my business partner and I don’t have to think twice. HealthClic are always on-hand; and our memberships are specially designed for us. These guys are the answer to a hectic lifestyle… It’s changed my energy and my life.’

Priyanka Chaturvedi