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Rhian-Anwen Hamill, who speaks five languages and who works between Switzerland, London and Spain, combines an international outlook with what she describes as her ‘feet on the ground Welsh’ roots. She founded RAH Partners in 2006, having gained 15 years of experience at Goldman Sachs and led the development of the Welsh Millennium Centre in Cardiff. After this project was completed, Hamill wanted to ‘draw together my experience in the city with my public sector and arts experience’. This led her to executive search, as she ‘had a lot of interest in psychology and people, and so it was a way to bring all those things together.’ She argues that ‘sometimes the culture of an organisation can be unhealthy, or it can be brilliant, and that culture comes from leadership’. Understanding human psychology and ascertaining reputation and track record is at the core of RAH Partners. They always try ‘to be ` as scientific as [they] can in what is not a very scientific business’ — mixing judgement and meticulous referencing with things like personality tests to build a full picture of the people in a business. ‘People come to us when they know they need a change in leadership, but also before that,’ says Hamill. ‘They often ask us to look at the current team, and tell them where they’re going wrong.’

Rhian-Anwen Hamill