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‘There is no time to reflect. Lots to do,’ says Richard Brass, Berenberg’s head of UK wealth and asset management. A qualified accountant with KPMG, Brass started his career in corporate finance, co-founding the European office of Compass Partners. He transferred into wealth management with Schroders before joining Berenberg in 2011. ‘Our wealth management delivers discretionary, advisory and custody-execution services specialising in direct investing. We are open architecture although our globally leading equity and economic research offers a competitive advantage,’ he explains, praising the bank for its strong culture of accountability and teamwork. Clients range from individuals to institutions. ‘Wealth preservation at its core, we [also] offer a range of investment services which is where our versatility and service quality adds value,’ he says. Clients, he adds, like this approach as it helps them gain improved control of their investment strategies. Brass has also seen a rise in demand for sustainable and impact investing among wealth management clients. Within asset management, he notes an ongoing demand for risk management which has Berenberg’s quantitative investment solutions well-placed. The appointment of Henning Gebhardt as the global head of wealth and asset management brings a new dimension, and will see Berenberg add a wider range of equity investment solutions.

Richard Brass