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‘You have to really care about people and clients, have their best interests at heart, and take a long-term view,’ says Rowena Colthurst, partner at The Inzito Partnership. ‘I’m focused on helping individuals and funds make the most of their talent and fulfil their potential whether they are investors, entrepreneurs or management teams.’ The trusted adviser explains: ‘I help hire the highest calibre investment professionals at all levels for all shapes and sizes of private equity funds, hedge funds, alternative investment funds and family offices.’ She believes uncertainty breeds opportunity in the investing world, as the smartest investors can still make high returns for their investors even in hard times. ‘I hope the same can be said of the Brexit effect, which is uncharted territory,’ she says. ‘My theory is that it’s Darwinian, survival of the fittest. As long as I help hire the very best people for my clients, all should go well.’ Colthurst was the first graduate to be hired by The Rose Partnership, and holds ` a degree in Latin from the University of Bristol. She was a founding member of Blackwood Group, and as well as a partner ` at Inzito is also now a value-add adviser to Vitruvian Partners: an independent European private equity firm that invests in dynamic situations, including buyouts and growth capital investments, and is responsible for any human capital needs their portfolio companies have.

Rowena Colthurst