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Smith & Taylor has specialised in the storage and management of wine since 1986 when it was founded by Sebastian Riley-Smith (a descendant of brewer John Smith), who still runs it today. Their state-of-the-art Chelsea Bridge Cellars have been completely refurbished in the last year, with the addition of four ultra-modern conditioning turbines and humidifiers for optimum wine storing conditions. ‘Clients want to centralise their wine holdings in one store, on one inventory, with one custodian, with one line of accountability,’ Riley-Smith explains. Stock can be accessed globally and delivered to wherever the client chooses. ‘Wealth is global-centric now,’ says Riley-Smith. ‘The rich have become nomads, moving between one financial centre and another.’ The key to Smith & Taylor’s success? ‘Being a coalition of work,’ Riley-Smith says. Not only do they store wine, they also move and pack wine from private homes, deliver from store, maintain inventories with valuations and Master of Wine appraisals, export, pack and ship, and they enable clients to buy and sell their wine between themselves.‘“Made in England” has never been more important as the exchange rate gives us a chance to export our wine storage expertise to the fine wine loving homes of the world,’ enthuses Riley-Smith. What’s the best wine he’s ever tasted? ‘Henri Giraud’s Argonne 2004 Ay Grand Cru Brut — an extraordinary wine, with the blessing of champagne.’

Sebastian Riley-Smith