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Shirin Kranz spent seven years leading the German operations of the auction house Phillips, building up her professional network and acquiring the key skills to perform in the global Art market before joining Privatbank Berlin 2014 as their director of Art Loans. The last 12 months, she tells Spear’s, have been extremely good for the Privatbank. ‘We have extended our existing client base with new clients. We have also enhanced our services and have implemented new structures for our art lending business,’ she says. For Privatbank, implementing their new business model — where the clients have the opportunity to keep their works either in the gallery or at home, and at the same time have a loan on a non-recourse base — was a huge step forward. It provides a new dimension of service to their clients, and expands their options in terms of how they can work with the asset and the liquidity it produces. ‘We can see clearly that flexibility is a key factor for the clients when they are asking for a loan,’ says Kranz. ‘We work very closely with clients to bring the insurance side, the legal aspects and the standards of the bank together.’ However, it is not all about the money. The viewings are always a highlight to Kranz and her team— ‘seeing these exceptional works from our clients is always very special’, she says. She encourages clients to see art for its aesthetic value, and not just as a safe investment.

Shirin Kranz