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Following a chance meeting in 2016, Adam Phones CEO Adam Toop made a winning hire in Siv Sivasamy, bringing him onboard to lead the firm’s family office division. They have much in common: like Toop, Sivasamy left university to pursue what he felt was his real calling in business. Starting in phone repair, he soon started working directly with niche clients like hedge funds and family offices, where he now has over 15 years’ experience. His work with the likes of the Barclay brothers and the Savoy made him an ideal fit to support Adam Phones’ exacting clients — clients ‘looking for a hands-on service’, he says: ‘They need a supplier who understands their need for exceptional service levels and discretion. Having a team of trusted advisers and support staff who know your company and your people is core to what we do here.’ Aside from the benefits of a boutique telecoms provider, its commercial power dealing with mobile networks enables Adam Phones to leverage ‘significant’ savings for clients. ‘We employ a dedicated team of financial analysts who audit prospective clients phone bills, so we can accurately model savings and forecast what you’ll spend should you choose to use us,’ Sivasamy says. ‘With our clients typically travelling internationally a lot of the time, bill shock is a natural concern — we have a blend of compelling tariffs and some very powerful technology that mitigates that risk’.

Siv Sivasamy